Canigou Cockers

A small kennel with a worldwide reputation



Tired Tommy 250814


We only have one or two litters a year, to raise puppies for the show ring, so pet puppies are only available occasionally.

We are Kennel Club Assured Breeders, with the Accolade of Excellence.

All our puppies are raised in the house until they are eight or nine weeks old. This accustoms them to normal household noises and ensures lots of attention. After this they move into puppy quarters while frequently revisiting the house. When big enough they have the freedom of the garden to roam and explore in a safe environment. 



hippo and lucinda oct 2009Friends and neighbours visit regularly to play with the puppies, so all are well handled and socialised before leaving for their new homes.



  Yoann and Friends









Here are a few puppy pictures.  There are more in the Photo Gallery:

Litter born on 28.06.09 to SH CH CANIGOU CLASSIC ROCK (“Speedy”)

Pedigree For Sh Ch Canigou Classic Rock

bitch pups 130809

An armful of mischief! The three bitch pups; from left to right, Rosa, Lettuce and Lottie.

 lottie 130809

Lottie, aged 6 weeks, now with Michael and Nicola Denny.

 dog pups 130809

More mischief – the four dog puppies; Alfie, Hippo, Monty and Mikey. Don’t ask me which is which!

 hippo oct 2009





Hippo – now with Lucinda and Alex Robins










hippo and lucinda oct 2009




Hippo and his owner Lucinda. 











 alfie in the snow




Alfie in the snow in the garden of Monique and Paul Sargeant.

 alfie in the kitchen

Alfie in Monique’s kitchen.

 monty albert hall

Monty now lives with Sarah and Rupert Holdsworth Hunt in London. Here he is indulging his taste for classical music at the Albert Hall.

monty in the snow a

Monty in the snow

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Litter Born on 20.10.09 to Canigou Tail Me a Story (“Scarlet”)

Pedigree For Canigou Tail Me a Story

 scarlets puppies

Here are Scarlet’s eight puppies, aged about 3 weeks, in the whelping bed. See if you can count eight! Of the eight two are now Sh Ch, one is winning in Norway and one other is winning classes at Ch Sh in the UK. There are some photos below:

summer 10 weeks old 30.12.09

Maddie – now living with Ian and Cheryl Blackley on the Isle of Wight

 rocky, roo and summer

Maddie with housemates Ruby and Rocky


poppet at home

Poppet (centre), at home with the Edwards family and her new friends Boots and Millie (both Canigous).

poppet, boots and millie

Here’s another shot of Poppet (left) with Boots (centre) and Millie (right).

Believe it or not Poppet, who has an outstanding playful, affectionate temperament, was rejected 6 times by people looking for a pet puppy. Then our friends Cath and Mark looked after the dogs one Sunday while we were at a show and Cath fell in love with Poppet. A week later she went to join Cath, Mark, Boots and Millie, settling in immediately. Why the rejections? I can only assume that current puppy buyers know more than I do about Cocker spaniels!

There are some more photos of Boots and Millie below.


Some Previous Litters

Two Canigous now living with friends the Pacults:

corky on the wrekin 2009


Corky on the Wrekin




 anna and nicky 2, 13.9.07

Nikki on Anna’s Lap




millie boots 2 email

Boots (Black and Tan) and Millie (Black), now with friends Cath and Mark Edwards:






 boots 2 email

 millie boots 3 email












And lastly, here’s a photo of Pippa, now aged 8, who lives with the Safaty family.

pippa safety



















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