Canigou Cockers

A small kennel with a worldwide reputation


Successes at The Cocker Spaniel Club of Great Britain Championship Show

bis1984 CANIGOU TOTAL ECLIPSE won Best Puppy Dog under judge Ron Clarke. He’s below, on the left. Many thanks to Jimmy Wyatt for digging out this old photo. It shows judges Ron and Jackie Maris-Bray and in front Tricia and Angela Hackett.




1986 SH CH CANIGOU MR HAPPY won the dog CC and BIS under judge Pam Trotman.

happy bis cc 1986


1992 CANIGOU PATENT APPLIED FOR was BPIS for judges Ed Simpson and Moray Armstrong.

joshua bpis cc 1992


1996 SH CH CANIGOU CAMBRAI won the dog CC and BIS under judges Richmond Weir and Howard Jones.

cambrai bis cc 1996


1998 Trica judged dogs at the Cocker Club show, making JUDIKA LAPWING her dog CC and RBIS with bitch judge John Gillespie. The bitch CC and BIS was WILJANA WATERFALL, while BPIS was SALABAH RAFAEL.

tricia judging cc 1998 a



tricia judging cc 1998 b


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2003 SH CH CANIGOU CAUGHT IN THE DARK was BPIS for judges Joyce Caddy and Angela Hackett.

caught in dark bpis cc 2003

2006 SH CANIGOU CLASSIC CLICHE won the dog CC and BIS under judges Sandy Platt and Jackie Maris-Bray, while SH CANIGOU CLASSIC ROCK, his litter sister, won the bitch CC and RBIS (Ken Grice handling).

speedy and otis bis cc 2006

2009 SH CH CANIGOU ROCK CHICK won the bitch CC and BIS, aged 12 months and 4 days, for judges Jackie Rowlands and Keith Costello.


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2010 CANIGOU ROCKET SCIENCE won the dog RCC at his very first show and CANIGOU HAPPY ENDING was Best Minor Puppy Dog.

mikey rcc cocker club 2010

Dog CC winner SHANAZ SPORRAN (now SH CH) (left) with Wilma Reid and dog RCC winner
CANIGOU ROCKET SCIENCE (now SH CH) (right) with Tricia. Behind is judge Roland Webb.
Photograph by Juan Luis Lopez.

happy bmp cocker club 2010a

Best Minor Puppy Dog CANIGOU HAPPY ENDING (now SH CH)
Photograph by Juan Luis Lopez.

2011 SH CH CANIGOU ROCKET SCIENCE took his third CC with BOS. SH CH CANIGOU LOVE ON THE ROCKS, handled by Anne O’Keefe (Australia), took the bitch RCC with RBIS. Sally Ellison’s CANIGOU STORYTIME AT WITHIFLOR took the bitch CC and BIS.

Cocker Club BIS 2011

A low resolution shot from Steve’s pocket camera. CANIGOU STORYTIME AT WITHIFLOR, CC and BIS with owner Sally Ellison, SH CH CANIGOU LOVE ON THE ROCKS RCC and RBIS with Tricia Bentley and BEST PUPPY DILLONPARK PELLEGRINO with owner Michael Parkinson.

Below: Left SH CH CANIGOU STORYTIME AT WITHIFLOR Bitch CC, Right – SH CH CANIGOU LOVE ON THE ROCKS, beautifully handled by Anne O’Keefe from Australia to win the RCC, with RBIS.

cocker club rcc 2011


lettuce and anne cocker club 2011






Right: another shot of Lettuce, with handler Anne O’Keefe












2012 SH CH CANIGOU ROCK STAR, at his first show for a couple of years, won Special Open Dog, SH CH CANIGOU LOVE ON THE ROCKS was first in Special Open Bitch and SH CH CANIGOU SECON TAN ROSE won Open Bitch and the RCC.  She’s pictured below (photo by Ian Scott):

However the highlight for us was the performance of SH CH CANIGOU CLASSIC ROCK (Speedy).  Making her last appearance in the show ring, with four of her offspring she won the Brood Bitch class.  She’s shown below, nearest to the camera with her handler Steve Bentley, who’s making an even rarer appearance in the ring.  Next in line is SH CH CANIGOU SECON TAN ROSE (6CCs) with her handler April Murray, then SH CH CANIGOU LOVE ON THE ROCKS (6 CCs) with Anita Sedzicka, SH CH CANIGOU ROCK STAR (3 CCs) with Adam Murray and finally CANIGOU ABBA NICE DAY with  Trica.   In a brief showing career Speedy won 10 CCs.  She is the dam of 5 Sh Ch, a record in the breed.

The same lineup, with SH CH CANIGOU ROCKET SCIENCE (13 CCs) substituted for CANIGOU ABBA NICE DAY, won Best Breeder for Tricia, with a total of 38 CCs between the five of them.  The photo above was taken by Shel Cowles.   Follow this link to more of his photos of the Brood Bitch class:

and this link to his photos of the other classes at the show:

Many thanks to Shel for the photos and to our volunteer handlers for their expert handling.  Shel also took the photo below which shows the dogs which took part in the Parade of Champions – including 6 Canigous.


Finally for 2012, here’s a picture of Canigou Abba Nice Day taken by Juan Luis Lopez at the show:


2013  Sh Ch Canigou Secon Tan Rose, returning to the show ring with puppies just 4 months old, was second in Open Bitch.  Canigou Love at First Sight was first in Novice Bitch, Sh Ch Canigou Rocket Science was first in Open Dog and Sh Ch Canigou Love on the Rocks won Special Open Bitch, CC and BIS.  The photo of Lettuce below is courtesy of the Cocker Club.

2016  Sh Ch Canigou Rock Star, aged 8 was Best Veteran Dog and Best Veteran in Show.  He’s pictured below (L) with BVB Springstein’s Stars Delight at Beckaby and judges Annie Kettle (dogs) and Sally Ellison (bitches).  Photo courtesy of the Cocker Club.


2018 Sh Ch Canigou Rock Star (below), still looking fabulous at nine and a half, was 1st in Veteran Dog and Best Veteran in Show for judge Carol West.

You’ll find the Cocker Club website at:

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