Canigou Cockers

A small kennel with a worldwide reputation


About the Canigou Cocker Spaniels

The Canigou Cockers were founded by Tricia Bentley in 1968. The kennels are located in Shropshire, just to the east of the county town of Shrewsbury.


Canigou is a small kennel run by Tricia herself (with a little help from husband Steve) and specialising in Cocker Spaniels only. The aim has always been to produce healthy Cockers of the highest quality, capable in terms of health, type and temperament of competing with the best in the world. 

Our record in the show ring speaks for itself. You can read more about the kennel’s successes over the last 45 years on the ‘History’ page.


The kennels are run as a hobby and consequently we keep only a few dogs; generally around half a dozen adults, together with young stock. Three currently live in the house as pets and when show dogs retire they automatically come into the house to live as pets. Puppies are bred to produce top quality stock for the showring and so we have one or two litters a year at most and from these litters pet puppies are occasionally available. You’ll find photos on the ‘Home’, ‘Pets’ and ‘Recent Litters’ pages.


We are Kennel Club Assured Breeders, with the KC Accolade of Excellence. Puppies are born in the kitchen and stay there for up to 9 weeks where they can be easily seen and cared for. This also accustoms them to everyday household sounds and helps to socialise them and prepare them for the wider world. After weaning the puppies are moved to a dedicated outside puppy kennel and as soon as they are big enough have the run of the garden.


Cocker Spaniel Club of Great Britain Championship Show, 2009Tricia shows regularly at championship shows in the UK and has judged at the highest level both in this country and overseas, including judging Cocker bitches at Crufts in 2002. The photo shows Tricia with Show Champion Canigou Rock Chick, Best in Show at the Cocker Spaniel Club of Great Britain Championship Show, 2009.The kennel has gained over 150 Kennel Club challenge certificates and of course produced Show Champion Canigou Cambrai, Supreme Champion at Crufts in 1996.


We attach great importance to the health of our dogs and all stock are tested for the main hereditary problems in the breed. The results are published and breeding programmes are dedicated to eliminating such problems from the line. 



Show-quality Canigous are in demand all over the world and we have sent dogs to France, Belgium, Greece, Spain, Sweden, Holland, Germany, Finland and Denmark. Pet puppies are also available from time to time. If you are interested in a Cocker puppy please contact us by e-mail at



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